Javada Hanthama


Hi, I am Javada Hanthama, a freelance photographer based in Kerala

My freelance photography journey in Kerala started 3 years ago. My passion for the play with lights against nature and human skin has graced my portfolio. My lenses have traveled through the nooks and corners of Kerala – from Trivandrum through Malabar to Kasargod. My light and creativity combined with a keen sense of observation come together as a potent cocktail of a pure creative vision. 

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freelance photographer in kerala


Photography freezes the time, and by that, the things in them. Be it humans, nature or places. My freelance photography varies in form and size in accordance to budget. I provide this service all over Kerala, India.

portrait photography


Portrait photography has a way of revealing something about someone. Withdrawing eye-sights, receding hairlines, glancing kisses, departing children, moving emotions. Humans have always been the carrier of lights.

nature photography


Nature seeks to be photographed. My lenses have traveled all through Kerala, India to etch them in my frames.

image places


Freelance photography of places seems a conundrum. But humans have built spaces so beautiful that they beg to be photographed. Photography leaves you breathless.

There is something magical about blank and black photographs: they turn off the noise and boost the essentials of a look, a gesture, and even a laugh. It helps to capture the soul. Here’s an array of clicks from my recent freelance photography outings in Kerala. Now i will shut the fuck up and let my photos do the talking.

A brilliant photographer with an equally competent and professional person. She makes magic with her lens and above all is her silent efficient functioning. Truly an outstanding photographer and wonderful person.
I had my own share of apprehensions when choosing a photographer to shoot my portfolio. Javada is highly professional in her approach. Her knowledge and experience in the field has helped bring out the best in me through photographs.
Shilpa Ravindren

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